LED / Lighted Furniture

All of the LED Furniture and Décor rental pieces featured in Posh & Luxe’s’ rental collection comes equipped with LED lighting which can be programmed to be lit in just about any shade of any color you can imagine. As a result, all of our LED bars, tables, cubes and other accents can be set to match the color of any occasion, the color of any company logo or the color of any event venue.

Click on individual images below to view more detailed product information and other color/configuration options.

Decor- Baseball Lamp

Deco Lamps – sports themed

Various heights and shapes - Call

Drop Glow Stool

Drop Glow Lounge Stool

L 18" x H 19"

Poly Deco Bar Blue

Glow Bar – Poly Deco

48"L 24" D 48"H

glow bars

Glow Bar – Posh

72"L x 24"D x 42"H

SkyBarConcept[1] (640x427)

Glow Bar- Sky

70"L 24"W 41"H


Glow Bar- Sky Curved Bar

7ft L x 2ft D x 41in H and 7ft L x 18in D x 41in H


Glow High Boy-Sky

L 24" x W 24" x H 41"

Spyra Side Table

Glow Side Table – Spyra

20" D x 20.5" H

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